29 July, 2008

This Blog Has Moved

Wow! Google is amazing!

Two days ago, I decided to change the blog URL for this site to one that's compatible and suitable to its title and posts. It's some thing that I have been intending to do for a long time, but always put off as I knew that by changing the URL - I would lose my regular visitors, and the site would have to start afresh to be indexed by Search Engines.

The next day, that's: yesterday, I was shocked to discover that some one else had hijacked my previous URL and was using it in a way I found very disgusting; worse - the site had my name as its title. After some thought, I decided to report the matter to Google through their Blogger Help Center. And incredibly, Google - as always: helpful and seamlessly efficient - did take instant action and removed the imposter's site; making it possible for me to reclaim it here.

Thanks Google!

This has been a very good lesson for me. And I do advice any one else, to take care when deleting a blog or changing its URL; Blogger settings allows the user to easily change the URL for a blog. Be careful doing that. There are people who seem to have nothing to do, but use the Internet in very disruptive and wasteful ways; they have no ethics whatsoever.

Anyway: this site, except for the URL, has now moved to safarinotes dot blogspot dot com. All my previous posts remain the same. As for this site, I might continue using it later if I can have the time and can think of some other issues or subjects worthy to be spending time on.